Spring MVC+Custom Multy Action support.

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eqs-pim.zip eqs-spring.zip eqs-springmvc.zip

Test (default tomcat 6.0.14 install) – http://localhost:8080/eqs-pim-webapp-1.0.0/login.htm Enter nothing on login. This article tries to show how to put together relatively complex web application using Spring MVC and is an attempt to show some of the best practices of web application development and packaging. To address some of the […]


Full maven project can be downloaded from HERE.

This is a follow up article to XFIRE+EJB+POJO. Here I show how to expose POJO using CXF project instead of XFire. Setting up WebServices with CXF is very easy and consists of two steps:

Setting up web.xml with CXFServlet. Defining POJO endpoint. […]


This article shows how to get Maven based Mule project to easily work within Eclipse without the need of constant redeployment to mule lib/user directory.

I will use “hello” sample project from Mule installation.

hello.zip contains modified “hello” Mule project where I removed “.bat” file, commented out “version” tag in pom.xml to make maven build […]



Download project – dwr-test.zip Download WAR – dwr-test-war-1.0.0.war Test (default weblogic install) – http://localhost:7001/dwr-test-war-1.0.0/test.html When promted type user name “weblogic” password “weblogic” for default weblogic install.


This article shows how to implement pure AJAX application that does round trip communication to Java back end using custom DOJO widgets for client, DWR for […]

Maven Run/Build Plugin 2


This is a simplified and more flexible version of build plugin.

This plugin allows to execute specified goals on all project and sub projects under current base directory.

The plugin is using “maven.multiproject.type” and “command” property to determine project and command types in order to execure appropriate list of goals.

The plugin will append […]


Full Maven Project.

This article brings together Spring and XFire configuration examples to show how to expose simple POJO into SOAP service with EJB façade in between. Lets take a simple example of number add and subtract service. Here is component diagram of what we are trying to achieve.


Maven Build Plug-In


Please use improved version of this plugin from this post.

This pugin will allow to run single command on one or set of maven projects to build or deploy them instead of doing separate maven goals on each project. This will even work inside a single project as well as on root project containing […]

Map Object.

Have you wished you could attach arbitrary data to plain any Java object during the runtime? I have and not once or twice. Something like adding these two methods “get(Object key)” and “put(Object key, Object data)”. This often happens when objects, while interacting, need to associate arbitrary data with each other without having the appropriate […]

Ruby Namespaces and source file size.

For Java programmer it will look at best a bad practice to include more than one class or module in a single source file. Personally I think keeping code and source file at 1:1 ratio is much cleaner approach and is easier to manage for the following reasons:

You don’t have to guess which classes […]

Don't draw yourself.

One of the first practices taught in CS on OO design is that objects should encapsulate most of operation required by a system it is intended to run. Thought this does make initial sense and has been a workable solution for some time it simply does not scale and contradicts real world scenarios. For example […]